Terrell Barry

Alien Eggs in Bisti Badlands

My first time to this amazing place.

Sunset after the storm. Rainbow included.

The Alien Eggs of Bisti Badlands.

Sunset Silhouette

Beautiful sunset at the end of our day at North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve.

Tent in the Woods

My sister and I took a 3 day backcountry snowshoeing trip in Crater Lake National Park. This was our campsite. It was a landmark trip for both of us. We had a wonderful trip!

Trinidad Beach at Sunset

A beautiful, cloudless and calm night at Trinidad Beach, California

Sunset at Drakes Estero

This was the end of a wonderful hike to Sunset Beach on the Drakes Estero Trail in Point Reyes National Seashore. We were rewarded with this amazing sunset.

Bisti Sunset

Sunset at a small butte in the Bisti Badlands. The textures were so varied and the colors amazing.

Bisti Sunset

Sunset at a small butte in the Bisti Badlands. The textures were so varied and the colors amazing.

The Flowing Lines of Bisti

I scouted for the best way to capture these amazing flowing lines in this part of Bisti Badlands. This flat rocks are so beautiful in person, I hope to communicate that beauty

Prehistoric Sunset

When I looked at this image the first thing I thought was that it looks prehistoric. The sunset at this location was epic. The lighting so beautiful and changing so quickly that I struggled to stay focused - literally. What composition should I choose?!!! I settled on this one as the sun finally was dipping down the western horizon.

That's a Very Old Log

I was fascinated by the petrified logs up on mud pedestals. This is my portrait of one of those logs.

The Goblin Army & The Orb

My first visit to Goblin Valley. My favorite feature was actually the turquoise-ish orb-looking rock formation to the right side. It looks like the goblins are worshiping it as it rises out of the rocks.

Calm Before the Storm

This was the last night of our annual Mother/Daughter backpacking trip. The route was South Lake to North Lake but we had been turned around at Muir Pass due to violent thunderstorms. We spend a last sunny and clear day at this unnamed lake in Dusy Basin... then the evening storm rolled in.

Room with a View

This was the view from our campsite on the third night of the backpacking trip. We did have to turn around earlier in the day - Muir Pass was all lightening and thunder at 10 am. We were sad we had to cut our trip short but this sunset was a consolation prize.

Chesapeake Sunset

My first time to Chesapeake Bay did not disappoint!