Terrell Barry

Milky Way Over Peeler Lake

Labor Day Weekend with the Milky Way in Yosemite National Park

Starry, starry night

The moon had just set behind the mountains to the right. Moonlight lights up parts of the mountian.

Solitude in the Hoover Wilderness

Kings Creek Meadow & Mt Lassen Under Full Moonlight

The November 2014 full moon lights up Lassen National Park

Death Valley Milky Way

The brightest Milky Way I have ever seen. Taken from Mahogany Flat Campgrounds. August 2015.

Summit Lake Night Sky

Dead calm night and a lake surface smooth as glass. Milky way in the sky and reflection in the water.

Peaceful Night at Summit Lake

A night with water like glass and only a campfire lighting the far shore of Summit Lake.

Mono Lake Star Trails

My first star trail photograph. a gorgeous night at Mono Lake near Lee Vining in California

McGee Creek Camp Ground Stars

I was disappointed when the clouds rolled in and the moon rose. But then I composed this photo!

Milky Way & Thunderstorm

Our first night at Bisti Badlands we were welcomed by this amazing thunder storm at the base of the milky way. It went on for over an hour.

Mono Lake Tufas Under the Milky Way

A lovely night on the shores of Mono Lake. Temperatures were pleasant and the moon light perfect.

Shooting Star & the Milky Way

While taking some night long exposures I was lucky enough to capture the shooting star on the right. It was very bright and colorful and made the night very special.

Wheeler Peak + Milky Way + Fall Colors

I had this shot in mind from the first time I visited GBNP. We returned last fall and I had my chance. The scene was much more challenging that I expected. And the photo processing also much more challenging than expected. Here is my first result

Bisti Badlands Under the Night Sky

Nothing shows off the Hoodoos of Bisti better than the night sky.

Hoodoos Under The Stars

Clouds! Finally! That may seem like an unusual thing for a night sky photographer to say. But I was really happy to see these wispy clouds moving in to add dimension to the New Mexico night sky.

Peaceful Moonrise

The moment when the moon just peaks over the hoodoos in the distance.

Milky Way Panorama Over Badlands

Hoodoos & the milky way. What's not to love!

That's a Very Old Log

I was fascinated by the petrified logs up on mud pedestals. This is my portrait of one of those logs.


New Mexico badlands at their finest.

Surreal Sandcastles

I have in mind this composition since the first time I discovered these sand tufas. I finally got a changes to implement it!

White Mountain

August night vertical Milky Way viewed from the White Mountain Wilderness Area.

Night Sky over Bishop Pass

The only clear sky night of my recent backpacking trip into Sequoia National Park. After this night we had thunderstorms 2 of the next 3 nights. Visible peaks are Mt Agassiz, Mt Winchell, Thunder Bolt Peak, North Palisade, and Isoceles Peak.