Terrell Barry

Kings Creek Meadow & Mt Lassen Under Full Moonlight

The November 2014 full moon lights up Lassen National Park


After a breezy night the morning was calm and lovely at Benson Lake.


Dawn at McGee Creek

Mountains looking like they are on fire as the sun rises in McGee Creek.

Convict Lake at Sunset

Convict Lake is a high elevation lake on the east side of the Sierras in California.

Sunrise at McGee Canyon

Sunrise looking west in McGee Canyon

Precipice Lake

McGee Canyon

McGee Canyon trail

So Much Granite

High Sierra Trail near Bear Paw, Sequoia National Park

High Sierra Wildflowers

Early July riot of color on the High Sierra Trail below Precipice Lake

Hamilton Lake - High Sierra Trail

A backpackers dream lake.

Mount Lassen Dressed in Pink and Purple

A gorgeous fall evening. Red sky at night, sailors delight!

Moon and Sky

The daytime setting moon at McGee Canyon

McGeeCanyon Aug

One of my favorite canyons off hwy 395

Fall Comes to McGee Creek Canyon

McGee Creek Canyon in Fall Colors. I thought I had missed the fall colors here but I was welcomed by this nice stand of Aspens just changing color.

Piute Creek in John Muir Wilderness

Piute Creek at Hutchinson Meadows just before sunset July 2016. My husband is an avid fly fisherman so Piute Creek was one of the destinations on this backpacking trip. It was so peaceful here!

Shooting Star & the Milky Way

While taking some night long exposures I was lucky enough to capture the shooting star on the right. It was very bright and colorful and made the night very special.

Wheeler Peak + Milky Way + Fall Colors

I had this shot in mind from the first time I visited GBNP. We returned last fall and I had my chance. The scene was much more challenging that I expected. And the photo processing also much more challenging than expected. Here is my first result

Smith Rock State Park

The view of Smith Rock looking west from the Rim trail

White Mountain

August night vertical Milky Way viewed from the White Mountain Wilderness Area.

Calm Before the Storm

This was the last night of our annual Mother/Daughter backpacking trip. The route was South Lake to North Lake but we had been turned around at Muir Pass due to violent thunderstorms. We spend a last sunny and clear day at this unnamed lake in Dusy Basin... then the evening storm rolled in.

Night Sky over Bishop Pass

The only clear sky night of my recent backpacking trip into Sequoia National Park. After this night we had thunderstorms 2 of the next 3 nights. Visible peaks are Mt Agassiz, Mt Winchell, Thunder Bolt Peak, North Palisade, and Isoceles Peak.

Room with a View

This was the view from our campsite on the third night of the backpacking trip. We did have to turn around earlier in the day - Muir Pass was all lightening and thunder at 10 am. We were sad we had to cut our trip short but this sunset was a consolation prize.