Terrell Barry

A Golden Evening in Petrified Forest National Park

My love affair with badlands of all kinds has no limit. Petrified Forest National Park was challenging to photograph but worth every moment spent there.

Petrified Forest National Park

Badlands with petrified logs strewn everywhere. Petrified Forest National Park is an amazing place

Fire Canyon in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park is a landscape with some of the most stunning colorful and unusual rock formation I have seen. This is looking into Fire Canyon from the eastern edge.

Hoodoos of Bisti Badlands

Hoodoos of Bisti Badlands. Like being on another planet.

Bisti Badlands Under the Night Sky

Nothing shows off the Hoodoos of Bisti better than the night sky.

Bisti Sunset

Sunset at a small butte in the Bisti Badlands. The textures were so varied and the colors amazing.

Bisti Sunset

Sunset at a small butte in the Bisti Badlands. The textures were so varied and the colors amazing.

The Flowing Lines of Bisti

I scouted for the best way to capture these amazing flowing lines in this part of Bisti Badlands. This flat rocks are so beautiful in person, I hope to communicate that beauty

Hoodoos Under The Stars

Clouds! Finally! That may seem like an unusual thing for a night sky photographer to say. But I was really happy to see these wispy clouds moving in to add dimension to the New Mexico night sky.

Peaceful Moonrise

The moment when the moon just peaks over the hoodoos in the distance.

Prehistoric Sunset

When I looked at this image the first thing I thought was that it looks prehistoric. The sunset at this location was epic. The lighting so beautiful and changing so quickly that I struggled to stay focused - literally. What composition should I choose?!!! I settled on this one as the sun finally was dipping down the western horizon.

Milky Way Panorama Over Badlands

Hoodoos & the milky way. What's not to love!

That's a Very Old Log

I was fascinated by the petrified logs up on mud pedestals. This is my portrait of one of those logs.


New Mexico badlands at their finest.

The Goblin Army & The Orb

My first visit to Goblin Valley. My favorite feature was actually the turquoise-ish orb-looking rock formation to the right side. It looks like the goblins are worshiping it as it rises out of the rocks.